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Tightpac single cigarette holder

The Perfect Single Cigarette Carrier. Take it to a party or an elegant wedding - Either way its smell-proof and air-tight!! Put your lit smoke right into the container - put the cap on and Bob's your Uncle - Its goes out immediately and no smells to upset the non-smokers!!!
Tightpacs are BRAND NEW, unlike the notion they have been around for 30 years.

Made of high impact plastic, Super Durable and won't melt or break under normal conditions.
You and your belongings are protected from any odors or ash.
Will float until you decide to rescue it.
Great post 9/11 gear.
Small plastic items do not set off security detectors.
Discreet and stylish. Tightpacs will clip to your socks, pants or under cloths.
Promoting your safety, routine traffic stops are no worries with the Tightpac Smell Proof Seal.

Niet op voorraad
 € 3,00

Dit product is op dit moment niet leverbaar. Neem contact op voor meer informatie over de voorraad status of kijk voor gerelateerde producten.

  • Leukste assortiment van de Benelux
  • Winkel in Rotterdam
  • Gratis verzending vanaf 49 euro, 100 euro buiten Nederland

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