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Pipes, for smoking pure marijuana, hash or herbs!

The pipes in our range are available in many materials, sizes, colors and designs, and are suitable for smoking pure weed, hashish or herbs. Because of the convenient size of the pipes, they are easy to use while traveling, for every occasion and for every moment.

Always have a pipe at hand, or around your arm and neck

To make it easy to enjoy the populair canabis plant where ever you are we have a selection of bracelet and necklace pipes for sale so that you always have your pipe at hand (or neck).

Discreet pipes with hidden appearance

Would you prefer something more discreet to enjoy your smokes? Then the special section with all sorts of "hidden" or "secret" pipes is definitely worth a look. You have a choice of several models of which no one will suspect what it is actually intended for. Easy to carry in your pocket or purse without having to worry that someone notices it.

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