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BHO - Dabs - Hash Oil

Apollyon Smartshop Rotterdam has useful tools for the preparation and use, also called dabbing, of BHO (butane hash oil) and AHO (alcohol hashish oil). Also called dabs, such as wax, shatter, glass, honeycomb, candy gummy budder, and the like. These cannabis concentrates contain a very high THC content of which its use will play an increasingly important role in the cannabis world.

Making BHO with an extractor

To make your own butane hash oil you can buy special extractors with which you can easily and quickly possess your own THC-rich BHO. It is important to use the correct butane gas in order to obtain the end product as pure as possible. Preparation with this highly combustible gas is not without danger so read the manual of the extractor well and always proceed with full understanding.

BHO usage, dabbing

When the preparation is completed, you can make use of the concentrated wax, shatter or oil in various ways. The most popular way is to use special oil pipes and bongs, called rigs, because they are provided with special nails that can be made red hot with a torch lighter.

Dab tools for carefree enjoyment of your concentrate

The cannabis concentrate is with a poker, a so-called dabber, applied to the nail, after which the hot vaporized dab is collected in a dome. This is called dabbing. Besides oil rigs are vaporizers another popular way to evaporate the nearly pure THC. Especially for the use of sticky concentrates there is a wide selection of non-stick silicone dab tools for sale.

What is BHO?

The acronym BHO is taken from the United States and stands for Butane Hash Oil. Other names which are used for the same abbreviation, are:

  • Butane Honey Oil

  • Blonde Honey Oil

  • Blonde Hash Oil

BHO, also called dabs, consists of concentrated cannabis with a very high content of THC, which is extracted from the marijuana plant with the aid of butane gas. The THC crystals, also known as trichomes, attach themselves to the butane solvent and when this is evaporated, there remains a very pure, almost pure hash oil.

What is AHO?

The acronym AHO stands for Alcohol Hash Oil. Like BHO, AHO also consists of concentrated cannabis, only with this method, alcohol is used in place of butane gas.

Dabs, precious THC-rich hash oil

The hash oil that has formed is a sticky and brightly colored product that is not intended to smoke in a normal bong, but it is used in special vaporizers and oil bongs, also known as oil rigs or wax bongs. It is not intended that the flame comes into contact with the precious dabs, because most of it will burn without much benefit for you.

Different forms of BHO concentrate

Cannabis concentrates which are obtained with the aid of butane can occur in different forms depending on the operation used. The substances, which are called dabs as a collective name have received various names because of the typical appearances, the most popular are:

  • Oil - hash oil, honey oil, cannabis oil, THC oil
  • Wax - budder, honeycomb, wax, ear wax
  • Shards - shatter, glass

An extensive selection of dabbing tools make the use of BHO extremely simple and ensures that you can fully enjoy each form of the precious weed concentrate.

Anti-stick storage jars for dabs

To preserve your precious dabs, it is best to use a jar because of the sticky consistency, the material the jar is made of prevents the contents to stick. The anti-stick pots that are made from silicone are an ideal solution. Even remove the last bit smoothly from the pot, so you can enjoy "The great gold of THC" to the fullest.

Recreational and medicinal use

Butane dissolves, besides THC, other cannabinoids present in cannabis, such as CBD, causing butane hash oil also very suitable for medicinal purposes. But because of the extremely high THC content BHO is especially popular among recreational users of cannabis.

Besides these two major components, hash oil contains a high content of terpenes and terpenoids, which not only have important functions for the plant itself but also ensure a proper flavor and full aroma.

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