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Now benefit extra with the versatile and powerful medicinal effects of CBD oil! In addition to the beneficial CBD-rich oil from Cibiday and Mediwiet Foundation, which you can buy, with attractive deals with us, the range has now been extended to other cannabidiol-rich products from innovative and forward thinking companies in the United States. All see a promising future in the hemp plant.

Great choice of CBD products

Our online health shop has a wide selection of medicinal cannabidiol products available, including: capsules, body care products, CBD concentrated hemp oil, and hemp salve. We also have cannabidiol-rich e-cigarettes, e-liquids and dabs for sale wich are suitable for smoking.

Gift from nature

All products in this section have cannabidiol oil as the basis for the best possible medical effects. It's content of psychoactive THC is under the legal norms, so you do not get stoned or high when taking these products and which also makes it possible for children and animals to benefit from this medicinal gift from nature.

Smoothly handled all the special properties of the hemp plant make CBD oil to the ideal medicine of the future!

Does CBD oil work for everyone?

Just like with pharmaceuticals, there is always a percentage of people for whom the treatment is less effective or non effective. These people shouldn't give up, though. It is advisable to test out different compositions of the medical oil. One type contains more THC while the other kind, once again, contains more CBD. It is often said that composition determines the results.

Cancer cure

Patients with cancer or other serious diseases may benefit from the use of medicinal cannabis oil. However, it is important to use oil with the highest possible content of THC and CBD, the so-called anti-cancer oil. This oil, which can only be provided by the Medical Cannabis Foundation, is in a brown bottle with red cap.
This anti-cancer oil has the optimal composition of THC and CBD, with the CBD content in the right proportion compared to the THC content. This oil, which is 3x diluted, has a consistency which is thicker, almost syrupy, but still easy to dose.

Can CBD oil cure cancer?

To cope with the fight against cancer, it is necessary to take oil with a high percentage of THC and CBD. However, CBD oil doesn't contain enough THC and CBD to stop the growth of cancer cells. This means that CBD oil is not suitable to cure cancer. However, CBD oil is suitable for combating the nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. It also helps to reduce the pain.

Can CBD oil be used safely?

CBD oil is safe to use. Like medical cannabis oil, CBD oil is not addictive, causes no side effects, is not addicting, and can be given to both humans and animals without problems.
If you are using medication it is at advisable to inform your doctor or physician if you plan to use CBD oil. Never change treatments without consulting a doctor or terminate an existing treatment. We recommend that patients with cancer or other serious diseases contact the Medical Weed Foundation.
If you want to know more about CBD oil and medical cannabis oil, take a look at the Medical Cannabis Oilsection. You can also read about the miraculous story of our extremely small dog who is taking medical cannabis oil for epilepsy to suppress seizures and may get to live a full life afterall. (new update!)

Positive experiences

Having tested cannabis oil and CBD oil extensively, I am very excited about its effectiveness. The best part is, of course, the story of our little dog. Last year, in February, I still feared for her life because suddenly she started to have seizures leaving her completely exhausted.
She is now (January 2014) more than half a year into her treatments with cannabis oil and more recently with CBD oil and the result is amazing. She has gone from multiple seizures a week, to only a few times in the past six months. But that's not all! The oil also has a positive effect on her weak hips as well. She is a very active little dog, but she lost bark more than a year ago. Thanks to the oil, there is sound again when she barks.
Besides the weed oil and cbd oil, I give her a half tablespoon of hemp seed oil daily (ordinary, without additions of THC and CBD), in her fresh meat meal, resulting in a soft and shiny coat and a major boost to her immune system.

More success stories

There are many more success stories! Below is a collection of positive experiences regarding the use of cannabis oil (THC oil), CBD oil, and hemp seed oil+ sent to us by family, friends and clients.
  • A flu that effected my lungs was gone after two days.
  • An unpleasant and itchy mole was also easily healed within one day.
  • Also, warts quickly and easily disappear.
  • Painful monthly periods are now a thing of the past.
  • My asthma passed the test of the heat wave last summer. Normally I would be totally wasted.
  • A burn the size of a euro coin is quickly and nicely healed.
  • I sleep better, have less restless sleep and snore less often to almost not at all.
  • The eczema that caused my skin to itch disappeared immediately
  • An unbearable toothache was made less painful within 10 minutes.
  • My throat pain eased immediately after dribbling the oil down my throat instead of under my tongue.
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