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Bats and Onies

Bats and Onies, one-hitters of metal!

Bats and Onies are small pipes, also called one-hitters, designed for a quick hit in between. These pure pipes are ideal for the weed smoker who is often on the road, but wherever the opportunity presents itself, likes to take a dose of THC. The names bat and oney are derived from the appearance that resembles a baseball bat and the fact that they are intended for a single hit.

Durable one-hit pipes

Metal one-hitters are durable and very small, so that they fit into any pocket or purse and can be easily taken anywhere. The advantage of these pieces compared to glass is that they are not easily damaged during transport. In this section you will find a wide range of bats and onies which are made of metal.

Rather glass bats and onies?

Lovers of glass can indulge in the taster pipes section, where a wide choice of glass pieces are offered for sale.

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