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Hemp is the most versatile and undervalued plant on earth. Hemp grows much faster than trees, it is much more environmentally friendly than cotton and hemp seed oil also helps maintain perfect immune system balance. If there is anything that can save our earth, it must be hemp! Hemp is a plant that can be easily grown under almost all conditions. Unlike cotton, hemp is not harmful to the environment and can contribute to a healthier environment.

Hemp is healthy for the environment, humans and animals

Hemp is an easy plant which can be grown in almost all conditions. Contrary to for example cotton, hemp is not taxing to the environment and its cultivation does not require harmful pesticides, which means hemp products can contribute to a healthy living environment.

Hemp can be of great value to both man and animal as well. Care products based on hempoil for instance can be a luxurious boon to our body which makes skin, hair and nails shine and sparkle. To create optimal beauty and health from within, food prepared from hemp is the most ideal solution. 

Natural treatment with hemp provides ever more insights and possibilities and all without side-effects or being stoned. Hemp furthermore offers us a whole range of products and especially the hemp seeds and the oil of those are a true soothing benefit to our body. 

Healthshop Apollyon supports the hemp plant

Healthshop Apollyon supports the remarkable, versatile and above all valuable hemp plant so you can buy an extensive assortment of hemp plants in our line of products.With every purchase of a hemp product you are helping to increase hemp plantations and hemp production, which means the cultivation of the environmentally damaging cotton can be kept limited and no more trees have to be cut down!

Hemp: yes, a beneficial force, but no stoned effect

A distinction exists between maijuana and hemp. Hemp is used for the industry and contains less than 0.2% THC, the ingredient which makes you stoned. So hemp products do not make you stoned or high. Marijuana however (AKA weed), can contain large concentrations of THC and especially the oil made from this, BHO (Butane Honey Oil), can come out at percentages of no less than 90% THC or more.

Many patients would like to benefit from the health promoting effects from medicinal weed  prescribed by the doctor, but do not like to be stoned. HempSeed Oil offers a solution in this.

Because the oil which is extracted from the seeds only holds very low concentrations of THC the chance of becoming stoned or high becomes zero, but the beneficial potency is maintained.

In the online Healthshop you can find just about everything made from hemp

At Apollyon Smartshop Rotterdam we have an extensive assortment of various products made from hemp. You can find there tea, foodstuffs, cosmetics, animal products, even ropes and clothes, all in their own product category.

If you like natural products and hemp in particular, the online Healthshop from Apollyon is the place to be for you.

Moreover ordering there is always easy, safe and the delivery speedy.

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