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Hemp is the most versatile and undervalued plant on earth. Hemp grows much faster than trees, it is much more environmentally friendly than cotton and hemp seed oil also helps maintain perfect immune system balance. If there is anything that can save our earth, it must be hemp! Hemp is a plant that can be easily grown under almost all conditions. Unlike cotton, hemp is not harmful to the environment and can contribute to a healthier environment.

First of the famous jeans brands, Levi, was made from hemp

Products made from hemp are very strong and durable. Thus, the first of the famous jeans brands, Levi, was made from hemp. Miners really appreciated the forerunner of today's blue jeans, so Levi quickly became immensely popular.

Nowadays, more and more people appreciate hemp and are concerned about how cotton could wreak havoc on the environment. Hemp products are appealing to anyone who wants to contribute to a healthy living environment for humans and animals. Hemp, with respect to the environment, is a very important organism.

Headshop Apollyon supports the hemp plant

Headshop Apollyon supports the special, versatile, and most valuable hemp plant. Our catalog provides you with a wide range of hemp products to buy. By purchasing hemp products, you support the hemp industry which will reduce our need for cotton cultivation which is harmful to the environment and lower the need for lumber, thus slowing deforestation.

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