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Electronic smoking is the future of smoking. Since no tobacco is burned, but just a vapor of flavored liquid is produced, no harmful combustion byproducts are released like when smoking a traditional cigarette.
With an E-cigarette, you get no tar or carbon monoxide as well as no ash or fire hazard. And, because there is no smoke produced, only water vapor, e-smoking is not harmful to other people near around.

Quit smoking

E-cigarettes are an ideal tool for people who want to quit smoking but who have difficulty with the addictiveness of nicotine that traditional cigarettes contain. With e-cigarettes, the nicotine level is lower, allowing your body to get used to less and less nicotine. There are also nicotine-free refills which allow for totally eliminating nicotine from your system.
Vaping with an e-cig without nicotine is a pleasurable experience. There are many sweet, fresh, fruity or spicy liquid flavors available to choose from, from mango to coffee and cheesecake to toffee.

Hash or weed oil

Headshop Apollyon offers a wide selection of e-cigarettes made by different brands, each with its own advantages and features. So, an E-cigarette from E-smoking device consists of only two parts, which cause large vapor production. And a great advantage of the Maxi, for example, is that it is almost unbreakable and will not leak. Also, this e-cigarette is suitable for mixing flavored liquid with hashish or cannabis oil.

History e-smoking

Up to the 80’s, smoking a traditional cigarette was allowed at any place and you could smell the burning cigarettes everywhere. Plenty of ashtrays were available in restaurants, cafes, trains and other public areas. Even a teacher was allowed to light a cigarette in front of a full classroom. A cigarette even gave you a certain “tough” status, which was even more emphasized in commercials and movies.
After more and more studies pointed out the real dangers of cigarette smoking, the right measurements were taken. Advertisements of cigarettes and smoking in public areas was banned. Smoking is no longer popular and is certainly not seen as “tough”.
Due to the development of studies, looking for alternatives of smoking and tobacco use, substitutes were investigated and the first e-cigarette (developed in 2003) was patented in 2004, and was offered for sale to the public in 2005. Today, the e-cigarette is incredibly popular and new products such as the Supersmoker Bluetooth developed rapidly.

E-Cigarette in airplane?

Some airlines such as Ryan Air allows people to use an e-cigarette during the flight. Other airlines such as KLM and Transavia are more strictly against the use of the e-cigs. Always inform upfront before booking a flight whether the airline you choose allows you to use it. There are known situations that a pilot-turn has been made after a passenger "smoked" an electonic cigarette.
One example is the U.S. company Continental Airlines, who returned in February 2012 to the Portland airport after a passenger refused to put away his e-cig while the "No-smoking" sign was on.
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