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Herbs – Health Herb – Herb by effect

Are you looking for a specific herb-based effect? We have categorised our collection of herbs by brand and effect! You can buy herbs which have health promoting properties or you can choose a herb which has a trippy-like effect.

So some herbs happen to give extra energy, while other herbs are very suitable for when trying to lose weight.

Healthy herbs and spices

With the healthy herbs and spices there is a huge choice of various known and less-well known herbs, which are suitable to combine with CBD oil or weed oil. They add an additional effect or facilitate a better uptake in the body of other herbs.

Trippy herbs with hallucinogenic effects

Besides herbs often being a healthy supplement to the system, there are also many herbs which can cause a psychedelic effect. These trippy herbs change your consciousness and cause mind-altering effects.

Furthermore there are herbs which can give you extra energy as well or which have a calming and soothing effect.

Aphrodisiac, a herbal means for sexual pleasure

Lastly you can also order herbs which are aimed at stimulating the sex drive. These aphrodisiacs are capable of giving your love life a mighty boost.

They can improve your sex life and are a guarantee for extra sexual pleasure. The herbs are classified by brand and by the effect a certain herb can provide.

Safely handling herbs you use as a supplement

When you start to use herbs as supplements for health reasons, as a trippy herb or other reason, it is wise to note the following:

  • Always consult with a physician first if you are on medications. As some herbs could interact with certain medications. These interactions could influence the effectiveness of the medication, or even pose a direct health threat to your health;

  • Always use hallucinogens under safe conditions. Meaning not on the street, in public parks or in traffic. If you have little experience with these herbs, make sure to have people around whom you can trust and who will watch over you during your trip. Never mix with other substances like alcohol, cannabis or drugs. Lastly don't panic, nothing can happen.

  • Do not use the same herbs as a supplement every day. It is important to have breaks in between, so the body has time to get rid of the components of the herbs.

Buy easily, quickly and discreetly in our online Smartshop

You always order easily in the online Apollyon Smartshop, and you will receive your order quickly and discreetly as well. Please enjoy our large herb collection!

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