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Smartshop Apollyon: natural supplements for your mind

In our smartshop you can find a large assortment of natural, psychoactive supplements. This means these products influence your behaviour and/or perception. When using these smart products you could for instance start hallucinating. Therefore the term smartshop happens to be derived from the fact these products affect your reasoning abilities.

In our extensive assortment you will find amongst other things the following smart products:

Shrooms & Truffles - growkits and ready to use

Smartshop Apollyon offers various types of truffles of varying strenghts. In our shop you will also find two types of shroom growkits for growing your own magical mushrooms. The shrooms & Truffles all have a hallucinogenic effect.

Magical Cacti - for your own shamanistic rituals

You can find the most popular magical cactus species in our smartshop. These are the San Pedro cactus and the Peyote cactus, both with psychedelic effect. These are available as a fullgrown cactus and as seeds to grow yourself.

Herbs with various effects

Our smartshop contains various types of herbs, each with their own particular effect. For example some herbs give extra energy while others are rather soothing and yet other herbs are helpful when trying to lose weight.

We also have herbs with a psychedelic effect as well, also known as trippy herbs.

Kratom in all types

In the Apollyon Smartshop you will find various types of kratom. This entheogenic plant has many different usages and is increasingly used recreationally. Kratom strongly affects your mood and energy.

Order easily and quickly in our Smartshop

Order your products easily and quickly in our smartshop. By doing so you profit from a number of benefits:

  • Ordered before 16:00 p.m., shipped the same day
  • Coolest assortment in the Benelux
  • Free shipping above 49 euro, 100 euros outside the Netherlands
  • Ordering safely in a secure payment environment
  • Discreetly shipped
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