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Seedshop Apollyon: Growing weed for your own personal use

You have come to the right place for growing your own weed at our Seedshop, part of Smartshop Apollyon You can grow your own weed in various ways, but whether it is outside in the garden, on your rooftop or out in the wild, there is one thing every weed grower will agree with: there is no better weed than the weed you have grown yourself!

The difference with commercial weed

There is a big difference in the weed you grow with products from the seedshop and commercial weed. The weed you can buy in the coffeeshop, is frequently cultivated to just produce an as large amount of weed as possible. This because more weight in dried weed buds means more money. During the growth and flowering stages lots of additives are used in order to get buds as solid as possible at the end. And with diseases and plagues, many times aggressive and often forbidden pesticides are applied.

Rich taste of weed from homegrown plants

All this does not benefit the flavour and your health of course and only when you have grown your own weed as a hobby grower, you will truly notice the big difference with commercially grown weed. As with a hobby grow you will only use purely natural elements like sunlight and rainwater and of course leave out the use of harmful substances, this means you will be able to experience the actual, full flavour of marijuana.

Wide selection in our online Seedshop

In our online seedshop you will find a large assortment of weed seeds and weed pollen.

You have a wide selection of feminised (female), autoflowering, medicinal and regular cannabis seeds.

All weed seeds are of high quality and come from renowned seed banks from around the globe.

Order online and for fast and discreet delivery! But remember, only if growing small amounts of weed for your own consumption is legal in your country, as it is in The Netherlands.

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