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Smoke Shop

Smoke Shop, comprehensive online smoke shop!

In our bulging smoke shop you can purchase all kinds of accessories which will come in very handy while smoking and toking. In order to obtain a good tasting and evenly burning joint it is important to pay attention to which smoking accessories you will be using.

Little joint or supersize spliff

Besides the choice of a favourite weed strain, it is important to use the right rolling paper. Obviously it is better to use a small rolling paper for a little joint and for a supersize spliff to tear off a extra long piece of a rolling paper roll. The weight of the paper (thickness), the kind of material used for the manufacture and a possible flavour can be wholly determined by personal choice.


Supply of perfect recreational cigarettes

For people that find it hard to handroll a joint special prefabricated cones are for sale, which you only need to fill up. And if you want to roll many joints, joint filling machines are an ideal solution. You only need to grind the weed and possibly mix with tobacco or a tobacco substitute and within half an hour you will have a supply of perfect medicinal and/or recreational cigarettes at your disposal.


Handy joint rollers

If you do not use prefabricated cones, instead of rolling by hand, you could possibly use a joint roller. This is a small device with which you can very easily roll a joint of various preferred lenghts. To avoid a mess and spillage the roll trays are an ideal tool for when rolling joints.


Smoke shop gadgets for smoking with style

Besides lighters, ashtrays and grinders for grinding weed, you can also buy stylish silver joint holders in our smoke shop in order to luxuriously smoke with style and if you do not use filter tips and want to keep smoking to the very last little bit, then the roach clips are an indispensable toking tool.

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