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smoke tools

smoke tools

Are you looking for Smoke Tools? Visit our Comprehensive online Smoke Shop!

In the large Smoke Shop of Smartshop Apollyon in Rotterdam, you can buy weed grinders, as well as all the smoke tools to maximise pleasure and convenience when smoking either tobacco or a spliff!

For example, in order to get a tasty joint that burns evenly, it is important to select the right smoking accessoires or smoke tools.

Small joint or supersize spliff, rolling papers are important

Besides choosing the right strain of weed, it is important to use the right kind of cigarette rolling papers. It is obvious that small sized rolling papers are better suited for small joints, while it is better to to tear off an extra long piece from a paper on a roll if you fancy a supersized spliff.

Furthermore, the weight of the paper, the type of material used in the paper and the flavour also play a role in enhancing your smoking pleasure. Apollyon offers a wide choice in materials, flavours and paper thickness!

Pre-rolled joint cones with a filter

Do you find it difficult to roll a nice joint? No problem, our Smoke Shop has the solution for you! We have special pre-rolled joint cones that you only need to fill with your favourite smoking herbs. 

And for those who need to roll a lot of spliffs, our joint machines are an ideal solution! You need only to grind up the weed and mix with tobacco or a tobacco replacement if you prefer a mix. 

Within half an hour, you will have a nice stash of pre-rolled joints at your disposal. 

Practical joint rollers to easily roll the perfect joint

When you don't like to use pre-rolled cones with a filter, but still need a little help with rolling, you can use a handy joint roller!

A joint roller is a small gadget that enables rolling a joint in different sizes, depending on the size of the gadget. 

Remember to roll on top of a rolling tray, to avoid waste and to store your smoking accessoires in one place. These trays come in various designs and sizes, so you can choose the one that exactly matches your style! They all have a smooth finish and rounded edges for easy wiping. 

Smokeshop gadgets for smoking in style

Besides lighters, ashtrays and grinders for shredding weed buds, our Smoke Shop also offers nice joint holders for smoking in style, complete with filter tips, as fancy as you prefer.

Visit frequently as we keep updating our collection

Keep visiting our online Smoke Shop, as we are continuously updating our collection! This is how we are able to keep offering our customers the best in smoke tools!

Ordering in the Apollyon online Smoke Shop is simple and offers many advantages:

  • If ordered before 16:00 hours CET, your order is sent the same day
  • Coolest collection of the Benelux
  • Frees shipment from 49 euro's, 100 euro's outside The Netherlands 
  • Safe payment in our secure payment environment
  • Discreet delivery
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