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Glass Chillums

Glass Chillums

A glass chillum is a hollow smoking tube that is made of heat-resistant glass, which, unlike traditional chillums has a modern look.

The pipes in this category have been made with all kinds of modern techniques such as fuming, dichroic, inside out or frit, making them not only serve their purpose but certainly please the eye. Because of the convenient size, they are also easy to carry.

Larger bowl for more weed

This type of smoking pipe, which is also called a chilam, chillam or tsjilm, has for centuries been a favorite with several ethnic groups from different continents and, unlike the similar taster pipes, usually used in a vertical position during smoking. Another difference with the one-hitters is that they carry a larger bowl with room for more weed.

Smoke drawn directly into your lungs

To follow the tradition of smoking a chillum you can place this glass smoking pipe between your middle and ring fingers and fold around your other hand like a bowl. The smoke that travels through the bowl is immediately drawn in your lungs resulting in a powerful effect.

According to tradition you can clamp the chilam between your thumb and the palm of your hand. Of course you can also use these modern pipes of glass the way you would smoke an ordinary pipe.

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