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Glass Chillum Unotque

Glass Chillum Unotque @Head ~ Transparent chillum of heat-resistant glass with thin black lines and features silver fuming creating beautiful bluish hues in the glass that can be observed depending on how the light falls on the pipe.


Size: 8.8cm / 3.5"


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Glass Chillum Unotque @Head 8.8cm  ~ With a length of 8.8cm and a weight of 27.5 grams, this compact heat resistant borosilicate glass chillum is perfect for on the go. The glass pure pipe, decorated with thin black lines, features a slightly curved mouthpiece for extra comfort during smoking.


Color effect by fuming

The color of the glass depends on the light fall. This magical effect is caused by applying the technique of silver fuming during manufacture. With fuming, pieces of silver are heated until colored fumes excist and are added during the glassblowing. The transparent pyrex glass will get blue or yellowish tones which creates a special and totally unique appearance.

Synonym for cannabis

The name Unotque, given to this beautiful handmade chillum, is not a much heard slang term for marijuana, or as others mention, a synonym for cannabis. With this glass chilam you can consume cannabis in an entirely traditional way in which the smoke is sucked directly into your lungs. Place the pipe vertically between your fingers and make a sort of bowl with your other hand where you will inhale the smoke from.

General information

  • Length: 8.8cm / 3.5"
  • Diameter Ø: 1.8cm / 0.7"
  • Weight: 27.5 gr.
  • Material: Heat resistant borosilicate glass (Pyrex)
  • Color: Clear / black / color tones / silver fumed
  • Design: Stripes
  • Technique: Cane working / fuming
  • Kickhole: No
  • Brand: @Head
  • Including luxe gift box


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