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Sherlock Hammer Pipes

Sherlock, Hammer and Sidecar Pipes

A vast collection of glass sherlock, hammer, bubbler, sidecar and inside out pipes, each of which look like true works of art. The names that have been given to these smoke pipes, is due to their appearance that resembles various objects.

What is a Hammer Pipe?

This type gets its name because the model is reminiscent of a hammer that you can carpenter with. To hit with these beautiful specimens is obviously out of the question, but the weed that you add to it, can hit you pretty hard of course.

The Sherlock Pipe

The name of these type of hand pipes is derived from the famous Sherlock Holmes, the fictional detective who was very popular at the end of the 19th century. Sherlock always smoked pipes and also used various types of drugs, including cocaine. At the time it was common to use cocaine and it was completely legal.

Sidecar Pipes

This pipe gets its name from the sidecar of a motorcycle. Furthermore, all these models also have models available called Inside Out. This means that the colors are processed inside rather than on the outside of the glass, which results in spectacular effects.
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