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Glitter Pipes

Glitter Pipes, with sparkling cool liquid for a Cooled, Psychedelic Flavourful Smoking Experience

Years ago manufacturer Dream thought of a method to cool the smoke inhaled through small pipes in a playful, cool method: the glitter pipe.

Dream designed pipes that are filled with a glitter liquid in various festive colours, that can be precooled in the freezer or refrigirator just before smoking.

How do Glitter Pipes work?

The smoke flows through a hollow tube surrounded by the glitter liquid to the mouthpiece. This ensures cooled hits of smoke with every hit! These pipes can be cooled before every use.

In our online Smoke Shop we have glitterpipes in many models and sizes, to which the following principle applies: the larger the size of the pipe, the greater the cooling capacity.

And of course we also have the original pipes by Dream in our collection for easy ordering and discreet delivery.

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