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Special Pipes

12 Items

12 24 36
  1. Ceramic Pipe Kneeling Woman
    Ceramic Pipe Kneeling Woman
     €27.95 €22.36
  2. Jet-Flash Smoking System
    Jet-Flash Smoking System
     €59.95 €47.96
  3. Bukket Pipe
    Bukket Pipe
     €19.95 €15.96
  4. Pipe Grinder Screen
    Pipe Grinder Screen
     €15.95 €12.76
  5. Moustache Pipe Senor
    Moustache Pipe Senor
     €40.95 €32.76
  6. Jet Flash Mini Pipe Blaze
    Jet Flash Mini Pipe Blaze
     €19.95 €15.96
  7. Molecule Pipe Silver Fuming
    Molecule Pipe Silver Fuming
     €29.95 €23.96
  8. Credit Card Pipe
    Credit Card Pipe
     €19.95 €15.96
  9. Fuck Pipe
    Fuck Pipe
     €18.95 €15.16
  10. Moustache Pipe Sherlock
    Moustache Pipe Sherlock
     €21.95 €17.56
  11. Red Eye Molecule Pipe
    Red Eye Molecule Pipe
     €26.95 €21.56
  12. Weed Pipe
    Weed Pipe
     €18.95 €15.16

12 Items

12 24 36

Special Pipes, slightly different than ordinary pieces!

In this section you can buy special pipes that are just a little different than the regular models. For example, it can be a funny shape that make these pipes special. But also a pipe which gives a special effect during smoking, such as the Jet Flash, is placed in this category. During inhalation there arises a true tornado of smoke, giving a very spectacular show.

Pipes in funny shapes

In our collection you can choose from a pipe formed in the word WEED or FUCK. A pipe that is as thick as a credit card is also present and a model formed as a kneeling woman is called very special too. Not only the design is special, but also the place where you have to suck out the smoke is to be called very special.
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