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Chillums, traditional conical pipes!

A chillum, also known as chilam, chillam or tsjilm, is a conical shaped smoking pipe that is traditionally used for centuries by holy men in India and Nepal, called sadhus, for smoking marijuana and hashish, also called charas.

Ritual use by Sadhus and Rastafarian

Also by nations in Africa and Rastafarian are chillums and similar smoking pipes, such as a chalice, always been a very popular way of smoking and are used in ceremonies and sacraments to get closer to their gods. Rastafarian see marijuana, which they call ganja, as a gift from Jah.

Smoking a Chilam

This type of pipe consists of an initial open beginning and open end, and is in a special way vertically clamped between the ring finger and middle finger and with the other hand as a fist folded over it. This way a kind of bowl exists which will work as a smoking chamber. There are also other traditional ways for smoking this type where the chillum is placed behind the thumb in the palm of the hand.

The longer the cooler the smoke

The advantage of this way of smoking is that the smoke is drawn directly into the lungs which results in heavy hits. Originally they were made of pottery, clay, wood or stone, but today you can buy chillams in many other materials, including glass. The length determine how much the smoke is cooled before you inhale. In our extensive online smoke shop we also have glass chillums for sale.
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