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Taster Pipes

Taster Pipes, glass one-hitters, pinchies, bats and onies!

Taster pipes are hollow tubes with an open top where your put weed in and a bottom where you place your mouth on. They look similar like glass chillums and traditionalchillums only they have often a less conical design. Moreover, they are true one-hitters that are used in a horizontal position, in contrast to a tsjilm where your hands will not be folded around it. Of course you can, if desired, smoke these one-hit pinchies as a chillum.

One-hit pinchey

Tasters also have some similarities with the so-called steamrollers and spoon pipes, with the difference that there is no bowl on top of it. You can also use a pinchey while slumped, half lying on the couch. Traditionally, the smoking pipes were used in combination with the so-called dug outs, a system where weed or herbs can be stored, with space for a bat for a quick hit.

A quick tasteful hit

Taster pipes are also called a one-hitter, pinch hitter, bat or oney (onie) and are designed to quickly and discreetly take a hit with optimal retention of the flavor. Also, these models are suitable to test the flavor of several types of weed or tobacco. This is how the tasters have earned their name. The models are small and narrow and therefore ideal for on the go!
In our wide smoking pipe range we also havemetal bats and oniesfor sale.
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