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CBD Tea - CBD hemp tea with herbs and fruits - 100% Natural!

CBD tea is a healthy hemp tea with cannabidiol and 100% natural herbs and fruits. Because all tea blends have been composed of the potent flowers and leaves of certified hemp plants, every tea blend contains the extremely valuable and natural ingredient CBD.

Healthy hemp tea blends, rich in cannabidiol, natural herbs and fruits

Besides CBD-containing leaves and flowers of beneficent hemp, the CBD hemp tea also contains all kinds of wonderful smelling and tasteful herbs, and fruits which have a positive effect on health.

Most of the ingredients by far in the tea blends originate from organic cultivation, to ensure an as pure and clean product as possible is created. Drinking a cup of tea has never been so healthy and delicious at the same time!

How to prepare CBD tea?

There are several ways to make tea. The more room the ingredients are given in the water, the more the blends are done justice. The best result is reached when the herbs and fruit hemp blend is loosely scattered in a cup or teapot, after which boiling water is poured over it. After steeping and sieving it the tea is ready.

Use a different teapot for herbal- and fruit tea than the one you use for regular tea.

This as tannin left on the walls can have an unfavourable influence on both the effectiveness and taste. You can also use a tea ball or tea filter bag, just as long as the ingredients have enough room left, so the hot water can properly absorb the active ingredients.

This way you get the most out of the ingredients

Every plant or herb has different properties. Furthermore certain herbs can enhance each others effects or support the uptake of active ingredients. The effectivity of herbs is mostly determined by the ingredients of the herb.

Some of these ingredients have the characteristic they dissolve better in water, while other ingredients actually rather dissolve better in fats, oil or alcohol. When an ingredient is soluble in water, we call such a substance polar. Substances which are soluble in fat, are called non-polar.

Because plants or herbs often possess multiple active ingredients with both polar and non-polar properties, some might only be soluble in water, while others only dissolve in fat. A plant like echinacea for instance holds substances like alkaloids, alkylamids, polysaccharides, phenolic acids, polyacetylenes and sesquiterpenes.

Why adding milk to some types of hemp tea is a good idea

So this means when you drink echinacea as a tea, only the polar ingredients will be extracted and the remaining substances will impart no effects. Cannabinoids in hemp, including CBD, have the property of being badly soluble in water as well.

It is therefore advisable when drinking hemp tea to add a little dash of whole milk or some other fatty substance, in order to allow the active ingredients to come into their own.

However a drawback is the fact milk can decrease the effects of polyphenols, which means when drinking fruit- or herbal blends one might choose not to add any milk.

Always take care with herbs: too much can hurt

That herbs are a completely natural and healthy product, does not mean they can be used without limit. Some herbs can even have harmful consequences in overly high quantities.

Therefore drink herbal tea in moderation and alternate once in a while with other CBD teas from our product range.

Simply order from our wide selection and enjoy your choice

We have composed a wide selection of CBD-rich herbal blends for our customers.

Ordering online is done very easily in the Healthshop from Apollyon. So enjoy your choice and let us know how we can be of even better service to you!

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