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CBD Dabs

CBD Dabs, cannabis concentrates in wax form - CBD dabbing / smoking!

CBD is occupying an ever more important place in our Healthshop. The positive results and the ever increasing demand has made manufacturers decide to further develop cannabidiol into an array of products, so high-quality CBD-rich products are created with more possible methods of CBD applications, like the smoking or dabbing of cannabidiol.

What are dabs?

Dabs are strong concentrates which are derived from cannabis. Especially in America dabbing is hugely popular and gradually the knowledge and interest in this is spreading worldwide. But dabs are not only popular in the recreational field, in the field of non-recreational usage CBD dabs are on the rise as well, due to their high concentration of cannabidiol.

How do you use cannabidiol rich dabs?

Due to the fact that cannabis concentrates are very costly, contact with open flames is preferably avoided. Because of this often special oil bongs are used, also called rigs. You can inhale dabs through a vaporizer or vape pen as well.

With these it is important to use atomizers specifically designed for wax and concentrates. So an atomizer meant for liquids is not suitable.

CBD dabs, which are often for sale in the form of wax, can potentially also be processed in food, but be sure to use only extremely small quantities because the effect can be quite strong.

So if you are into dabbing, it is definitely worth your  trouble to try out cannabidiol dabs. You order them easily and safely in our online Healthshop!

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