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CBD Terpene Oil

CBD oil with 100% natural terpenes- CBD Terpene Oil!

CBD terpene oil is part of a new and exclusive line of CBD oil. This oil has been supplied with 100% natural and completely organic terpenes for an optimal effect.

You can choose from CBD oils with different terpene mixes. This means you could for instance choose CBD oil with terpenes which are associated with a good night's sleep or rather an oil with terpenes which are generally associated with stimulating an enhanced concentration.

By adding the right terpenes to the CBD oil it is possible to create an oil which suits the specific needs of different people. 

What is CBD Terpene Oil?

This oil rich in CBD contains cannabidiol among other things, which is won from the buds of the non-psychoactive hemp plant. By making use of these legal hemp buds the possibility of any ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ feeling is excluded.

Besides cannabidiol the oil contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and other valuable ingredients which can be found in both the hemp plant as well as in other useful plants.

The CBD terpene oil has been supplemented with terpenes in such a way that it contains all the  ingredients that make the hemp plant so unique. In sufficiently high concentrations.

In some terpene oils there are terpenes from other plants than hemp as well. Plants that because of these terpenes can have specific effects, like soothing, or rather conversely energizing!

CBD terpene oil: a different effect

The composition of a cannabis plant determines the ultimate effect. If a plant contains more myrcene for example, than the effect will be different than when on the other hand it contains more pinene.

By taking into account the differing ratio's and percentages within a cannabis plant a different effect can be accomplished. In order to guarantee the optimal result of CBD terpene oil, only the right terpenes are added to the oil.

Terpenes from cannabis or other plants?

The different types of CBD terpene oil are indicated with their own color. This is because the terpenes in the oil can be derived from the cannabis plant, but also from a different type of plant. The oil indicated with green contains terpenes from the cannabis plant. The other colors stand for terpenes from a different species of plant. This could be lavender, but also citrus, hops, pine resin or another plant species.

Both the terpenes as well as the cannabinoids of the CBD terpene oil are very sensitive to light.

To preserve the contents of the special bottles as much as possible, bottles were chosen with a violet glass of an almost black color. Studies have shown this type of glass to optimally protect against the harmful effects of light. This way the high quality of CBD terpene oil can be guaranteed.

Caution: be careful with animals, not suitable for cats!

CBD oil is also often used with various pets. Because these animals, just like humans, possess an endocannabinoid system CBD oil has a comparable effect. For terpenes however, different guidelines and advice apply.

Research shows that cats, but other animals like ferrets as well, do not have the liver enzyme glucuronyltransferase. This means the terpenes in the body of the animals are barely broken down and the components of the terpenes stay in the bloodstream for much longer than is desirable. This could ultimately be detrimental to the health of the animal.

We therefore alway advise against giving CBD terpene oil to animals.

Try for yourself which benefits the CBD Terpene Oil from Cibiday can have for you

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