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CBD Starter Packs

CBD Starter Packs - CBD Starter kits for beginners - Basic CBD products

Now ever more people are getting to know the ingredient CBD from cannabis, more and more cannabidiol products are coming on the market in various strengths, ingestion options and methods of application. This wide choice is of course ideal for people with different wishes, but can also lead to confusion.

In order to easily acquaint you with CBD, we have composed CBD basic starter packs for beginning users of CBD oil and CBD products.

Which CBD oil is the best to buy?

Due to the many products you might wonder which CBD product is the best to start with. This is not an easy question to answer however.

Firstly every person is different and everybody has different wishes as to ways of ingestion and dosing. You might for instance choose CBD capsules, when you can not bear the taste of oil in your mouth, CBD oil with an extra flavour, or for chocolate for variety.

Different people, different CBD wishes

Secondly every person reacts differently and one person will require a less strong dose than the other. Lastly the different circumstances are important.

For some circumstances you can for example use different CBD products. Like the skin for instance can often be excellently soothed with a cannabidiol-rich cream as a first aid.

CBD oil ingestion through cannabidiol-rich starter kits

Often you will however choose for the ingestion of CBD, because through ingestion CBD can in that way spread throughout the whole body and bond to the cannabinoid receptors. A treatment with both a skin balm as well as an oil for oral consumption is then the best option.

It is a matter of trying out which product is most ideal. In order to help everyone along a bit we have put together a few basic starter kits.

Basic CBD starter pack

As you can see every starter pack holds both a dropper bottle of CBD oil as well as a flask of hemp seed oil+. This basic combination will for most people be the most ideal choice.

Both oils complement each other well and enhance each other's effect.

Furthermore the hempseed oil is loaded with vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids, which support the immune system and speeds up healing.

Simply order your CBD starter pack in our Healthshop for a speedy delivery and get acquainted soon with the benefits from hemp!

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