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CBD Babies

CBD for Babies - 100% Organic Hemp Baby Care – Rich in CBD!

CBD for babies consists of 100% organic baby care products based on hemp rich in cannabidiol. The skin of a baby is tender and sensitive and therefore needs extra care and attention.

Yet despite good care undesirable skin conditions can develop. Because the protective acid mantle of the baby's skin has not yet fully developed, it is important to use the correct CBD-containing care products.

Cannabis contains the body's own components

The useful cannabis plant is known for the beneficial properties it holds. Because our body, just like the cannabis plant, has an endocannabinoid system, our body sees the components which can be found in this unique plant as substances produced by the body itself, which means no nasty side effects will occur.

You simply order CBD products for the tender baby skin in the online Healtshop from Apollyon

This makes CBD-rich hemp products ultimately suitable for babies. In our healthshop you can therefore now also buy cannabidiol-rich nurturing and protective balms for the tender baby skin. Easily ordered, quickly delivered.

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