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Pure CBD

  1. Puur CBD Extract
    Pure CBD Extract
  2. Cibiday Paste Raw 15
    Cibiday Paste Raw 15
  3. CBD Paste Raw
    CBD Paste Raw
  4. CBD Paste Pure
    CBD Paste Pure
  5. High Percentage CBD Paste
    High Percentage CBD Paste

Pure CBD oil – Clean CBD paste with a high concentration of cannabidiol!

Pure CBD oil has a thicker consistency than the drippable CBD oil which is supplied in dropper bottles. This is why it is often described as a paste. Because the pure CBD oil is more viscous, and therefore less liquid, it is sold in syringes or in little jars. The often undiluted paste is easy to dose under the tongue, but can of course also be added to foods or drinks to hide the taste.

Our pure CBD is undiluted

Pure CBD oil paste, which is gained from the buds of legal hemp plants, is not or barely diluted at all, which means due to the purity the extract often holds the highest concentrations of cannabidiol. The concentrated, undiluted oil is available in various forms, including filtered, unfiltered, pure and unprocessed. This can cause some oils to be lighter or darker in colour.

Pure oil by manufacture method

The pure, very clean and high quality raw hemp pastes that are available in our healthshop, differ from each other by means of method of manufacture and different CBD levels, increasing from a low to a high percentage. Products in which during manufacture as less heat as possible is used, are often called raw and contain the precursor cannabidiolic acid (or CBDA for short) besides cannabidiol as well.

Order Pure CBD oil online or buy in Rotterdam

Besides all our CBD products being available for ordering online in our webshop, the whole product range is also for sale in our store in the South of Rotterdam (Rotterdam Zuid). The shop can also be reached easily and in good time from Amsterdam or Antwerp (Belgium) by car or public transport.

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