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CBD Oil Body Care

CBD Body care, skin- and hair products with cannabidiol oil!

As evermore becomes known about the remarkable properties of CBD-rich oil from hemp plants, an increasing number of manufacturers are focussing their efforts on this valuable oil.

In the area of CBD-containing body care a lot of new developments are happening as well. Like for instance CBD products for the body can cleanse the skin and help restore it and on top of that make your hair silky smooth. 

Support and care for the body

Essential fatty acids, as for instance linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid (or α-linolenic acid), and following this also the rare gamma-linolenic acid (or γ-linolenic acid), are important for the proper  functioning of our bodies and to keep our body in the right balance.

An incorrect balance of these fatty acids can lead to all kinds of undesired skin-, hair- or nail complications. Cosmetical products based on cannabidiol oil offer a supportive nurturing care of the body. 

Body care products for skin or hair

CBD-rich hemp oil is already a popular food supplement. So the body care products for the skin or the hair offer both the benefits of hemp oil as the benefits of cannabidiol and the combination in a body care product make this a top-of-the-line product in the area of skin- and haircare.

Try them out for yourself and simply order them online in our Healtshop!

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