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Rolling Trays

Roll Trays, the ideal rolling accessory for tokers!

Roll trays, which can be bought as serving trays, mats or boxes, are a handy tool for rolling a joint. All toking paraphernalia fit either on it or in it so you have everything orderly stored together.

Excellent base for the rolling of joints

Rolling a joint is done totally trouble-free with these rolling trays and the sturdy bottom is an excellent base for laying down your rolling paper on, which can then be filled with your most favourite weed strain. Furthermore the tray ensures that all weed being spilled while sealing the joint, will be collected.

Never again any wastage of your weed

So your work- or chilling station will not only remain nicely clean, there will also be minimal wastage of your precious smoke gear. After a few joints, there is often so much spillage, that more often than not a whole new one might be rolled from it. Which is a nice benefit in these times where weed has become almost non affordable if you are dependant on coffeeshops.

We also sell stocked gift tray sets with everything included a toker might have a use for. Fun as an ideal gift for the stoner!

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