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Grinders / Crunchers / Crushers available at Apollyon

Are you looking for a herb grinder? Headshop & Smartshop Apollyon has a large collection of herb grinders or crunchers both online and in our Rotterdam store.

They are categorised in type of material (such as wood, acrylic and metal), in size and type (such as special grinders and card grinders). Card grinders come in the shape and size of a credit card and are used like a little rasp.

If you enjoy quality weed, it's worth investing in a proper grinder

A grinder shreds your marihuana buds into small pieces for easy mixing with tobacco or a tobacco replacement and enjoyable smoking. Most grinders are operated by making holding the lid and the bottom part in each hand and making a twisting motion, just like twisting a pepper grinder. 

This enables the grinding teeth to shred your cannabis buds. But true weed connoisseurs have higher demands!

Two parts, four parts or grinders that are more complex?

Two part grinders are the basic versions. Just open the lid and place your cannabis buds in the grinding chamber. Lid back on, twist, inspect, twist and grind some more, until the buds have been shredded to your liking and you're done!

Real connoisseurs will however want a cannabis grinder or crusher with four or more parts. These types of herb grinders have a grinding chamber with holes in the bottom for the shredded plant material to drop through onto a screen below.

This screen or sieve will only let the THC-rich trichomes - also known as pollen or keef - through to the bottom pollen chamber. Some grinders even have multiple screens for this purpose. 

This allows you to assemple your joint with both buds and pollen in the consistency you prefer, like a true connoisseur!

Made from acrylic, wood or metal?

Metal weed grinders will not wear down easily, are sturdy and durable. And to be honest, we think they are the best looking! Some would even look at home in a modern, expensive designer home. 

Acrylic grinders will wear down and break faster than metal ones, but are cheaper. This makes them ideal for using in situations where there is a chance of losing your grinder, for instance when travelling. 

Wooden grinders are somewhere in between and have the advantage of using a natural and environmentally sustainable material.

The Apollyon online Smoke Shop has a grinder for everyone and every situation

Weather you want to buy a grinder for your cannabis or for grinding herbs, Apollyon has them all!

Just order your grinder in our online Smoke Shop for fast and discreet delivery, or visit our store in the South of Rotterdam!

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