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Rolling Joint

Rolling a Joint - Roll the perfect spliff like a pro!

Want to roll a joint like a pro? In this section, we offer various gadgets that will make rolling a joint a quick, effortless affair.

These gadgets come in handy for both the experienced and inexperienced smokers, because practical solutions appeal to everyone. No hassle, just relax!

Rolling Joints becomes so easy

In our Smoke Shop we have very useful joint rollers by renowned brands such as Futurola, Cannabuds and Elements.

Just insert a rolling paper of the approriate size, place a filter tip and you herbs, tobacco or shredded cannabis in the roller.

When you twist the rolling parts, the joint is rolled and closed! Vliegensvlug de allermooiste blow

Some also double as a pipe or pendant pipe, which cools the smoke and traps some of the tar. This results in a more flavourful and cleaner smoking experience.

Our Smoke Shop offers many conveniences

We even have complete rolling station, on which your rolling paper is held in place by a friendly weed leaf. At Apollyon, everything is possible, from cannabis seeds to smoke tools!

So if you want to roll the perfect joint completely hassle-free, and want to use a grinder that fully fits your personal style, Apollyon Smartshop Rotterdam is the place for you!

Ordering online is easy, delivery is fast and discreet.

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