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Rolling Papers

(Flavoured) Rolling Papers and Filter Tips for optimum smoking and toking pleasure

Rolling papers, also called papers or skins, are a piece of paper with a gummed edge in which the smoker can roll an amount of smokables themselves to make a cigarette or joint. Besides the traditional cigarette size, the so-called regular size, there are also larger rolling papers available, the so-called kingsize papers, sometimes called king's papers, big rolling papers, long rolling papers or rolling paper rolls.


Long, small and rolling papers rolls

There is also a wide range of rolling paper rolls available. This is rolling paper on a roll, with which you can determine the lenght of your joint yourself. Rolling papers are on offer in standard paper, which is made of wood pulp, but there are rice papers, unbleached papers, hemp papers, papers made from flax or cotton, transparant papers and flavoured rolling papers available as well.


Tips and filtered tips

At the beginning of the rolling paper a filter tip of sturdy paper, cartboard or plastic filter is placed. Filter tips are used in joints to prevent grind- or weed crumbs from getting in your mouth or to firm up the joint. A filter tip also prevents the paper at the end of the joint from becoming moist and limp. Besides regular filter tips, special filter tips are available, which next to all benefits of the regular filter tip, filter the smoke as an extra function.

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