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Medi Cannabis Oil

Making mediweed oil - Complete, ready-made sets now for sale!

Quick, safe and easy way to make medicinal weed oil, or mediweed oil, at home on the kitchen sink with everyday products, developed by Wernard Bruining of Stichting Mediwiet.


Making weed oil in 10 easy steps

With the aid of the Cannolator you can make weed oil yourself in only 2 hours. On the product page it is explained in 10 easy steps how the production process works, so everyone can make their own weed oil.


Preparation method mediweed oil with bottle warmer set

You can also buy complete sets with which by means of a bottle warmer, baby bottle, air pump and pantyhoses you can make your own medicinal weed oil. A extensive preparation method in which it is explained in 15 easy steps how to make mediweed oil yourself can be found at the bottom of this page.

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What is weed oil?

Weed oil is extracted from the marihuana plant with the help of alcohol. The alcohol dissolves the trichomes, the sticky resin glands found all over the weed plant and which are made up of the active ingredients like THC and CBD. The alcohol also dissolves the chlorophyll of the weed plant, which colours it green.

So in this green alcohol now are contained the trichomes, the pure THC and other cannabinoids. To be left with only the trichomes the alcohol is heated, making it evaporate. What is left, is a dark green oil with a very high THC percentage.


Medicinal weed oil without getting stoned

In order to make this weed oil suitable as medicine for everyone, the weed oil is diluted five times or even ten times with olive oil, making the ratio 1 part weed oil to 5 parts olive oil. Not everybody experiences the stonedness or highness that THC induces, as that comfortable. Through this dilution you can dose more accurately and avoid the stoned or high. The medicinal action is retained however!


Due to the dilution of the weed oil with olive oil and also due to the dissolving of chlorophyll by the alcohol, this oil is no longer suitable for recreational usage. The taste has namely been corrupted and the weed oil is no longer nice to smoke or vape.


For recreational usage the weed is submerged for a much shorter time period or the oil is won by means of a cold extraction or possibly butane is used instead of alcohol to gain an extremely pure oil without chlorophyll.


Why olive oil as dilution for weed oil

Of course other oils can be utilised for the dilution of the weed oil, as for instance hemp seed oil, coconut oil or walnut oil, but olive oil has the preference.


Hemp seed oil is of course super healthy for you  and it keeps your immune system in perfect balance, but olive oil is much less perishable and can easily be kept in the fridge for a year.


Walnut oil can cause an allergic reaction in people with a nut allergy or which are allergic to groundnut  products. Because of this for the medicinal weed oil the choice was made for dilution with the more suitable olive oil, but of course this can be altered to your personal preference.


The correct alcohol

The correct alcohol to be used for the making of weed oil is alcohol which is suitable for consumption, also called ethanol or ethyl alcohol. The best is an alcohol as pure as possible with a high alcohol content of at least 94%. You can possibly use vodka or rum, but because these alcohols contain 50% water the evaporation process last many times longer. On top of that sugars and flavourings have been added to these.


Necessities for the making of mediweed oil

For the preparation of medicinal weed oil you need the necessities listed here directly below. At Headshop Apollyon you can buy all these components, separate or as complete, ready-made sets with the exception of the dried weed. If you would like to grow your own weed, why not browse through our  weed seeds section.


  • 15 grams dried weed buds or trimmings
  •  Alcohol suitable for consumption (preferably 94% or higher)
  •  Air pump with silicone tubing (thick type tube)
  •  Little aluminum pipe which fits the tubing (outer diameter 8 mm)
  •  Pantyhoses
  •  Bottle warmer
  •  Glass baby bottle
  •  Big glass jar
  •  (Organic) olive oil
  •  Accurate scale
  •  Dessert spoon
  •  Dropper bottle 10cc
  •  Syringe without needle


Preparation of medicinal weed oil with the weed oil set 3 or 4

Below is a step by step listing of the method to make your own weed oil. Fast, simple and safe!


Step1: Weigh 15 gram dry and finely ground weed on an accurate scale.


Step 2: Take a nylon pantyhose, secure the hose opening around the glass jar and spoon the weed in the hose.


Step 3: Remove the pantyhose from the rim of the glass jar and button it up. Put a second pantyhose around this for extra filtering and button that too.


Step 4: Put the pantyhose with weed in the glass jar and fill this with alcohol, exactly so much as to make sure the pantyhose is completely submerged in the alcohol.


Step 5: Let the pantyhose with weed soak for about 10 minutes in the jar with alcohol and occasionally shake or stir it well.


Step 6: Pour the green coloured alcohol into a glass baby bottle with the help of a funnel. Plastic bottles become compromised by the alcohol and are not recommended for this usage.


Step 7: Screw the cap with nipple on the bottle after you have cut off the tip of the nipple, Fill the bottle warmer with a measure of water and put the baby bottle in the bottle warmer.


Step 8: Take the aluminum rod and insert this in the silicone tube which is attached to the air pump. Now pass the aluminum rod through the hole in the nipple of the baby bottle.


Step 9: Turn on the air pump and turn on the bottle warmer to its highest setting.


Step 10: Make sure your workspace is well ventilated by turning on a fan. After approximately 1 hour most of the alcohol will have evaporated from the baby bottle.


Step 11: If necessary refill the baby bottle several more times with alcohol from the rerinsed pantyhose with weed. You can rinse several times.


Step 12: After a few hours all the alcohol has evaporated and you can see the weed oil deposited on the walls and bottom of the baby bottle.


Step 13: Fill a little dropper bottle with olive oil and empty this in the baby bottle with the weed oil.


Step 14: Scrape the weedoil from the walls and bottom of the baby bottle with a dessert-spoon and mix this well with the olive oil. Stir the mixture, while it's still in the bottle warmer, vigorously for about 5 minutes to make the weed oil dissolve in the olive oil.


Step 15: Place a funnel in the little dropper bottle and pour the weed oil into this. You have now made your own medicinal weed oil and can try to combat or ease many diseases and ailments with this.


The weed oil is diluted 5x through this method, but of course you can determine any strenght yourself.

You can follow all the steps in this video by Dutch expert Wernard Bruining, from the Foundation of Medical Cannabis in the Netherlands:


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