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Hemp Beer-Drink

5 Items

12 24 36
  1. Cannabis Energy Drink 3x
    Cannabis Energy Drink 3x
     €4.00 €3.60
  2. CBD Beer
    CBD Beer
     €16.95 €15.26
  3. Cannabis Energy Drink
    Cannabis Energy Drink
     €1.50 €1.35
  4. Hemp Coffee Cannabissimo
    Hemp Coffee Cannabissimo
     €6.95 €6.25

5 Items

12 24 36

Hemp Beer and Drinks

In our extensive hemp shop you can buy drinks and beer made with hemp. As there is an ever more extensive product range on offer for hemp candy, so the assortment of hemp drinks is rapidly increasing. Because who would not want to enjoy a real hemp beer or get just that bit of extra energy with hemp energy drinks.


Hemp for a better future

And in all honesty that big, beautiful, green weed leaf does it every time, no matter what the product. It is simply a statement you make, every time and again. Hemp for a better future, cheers!


Healthily enjoying hemp drinks

With hemp you can healthily enjoy beer, energy drinks or warm chocolate milk all made with high quality oil produced from environmentally friendly and organically grown hemp plants.

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