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Hemp Seed Oil plus

Hempseed oil+, hemp oil from seeds with extra THC and CBD

Hempseed oil+ with added THC and CBD has both the advantages of hempseed oil as those of weed oil. Hempseed oil contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids which help you maintain a healthy body.

Hempseed oil Plus for your body

We know of THC (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) that they can be of benefit to us and both very popular ingredients can be found in mediweed amongst others.

Most hemp plants however do not contain these substances in high enough amounts to be able to ingest in enough significant quantities to have any noticeable effects.

HZO+ has a number of extra useful properties

Furthermore hemp plants vary from each other individually, which means that one plant might be rich in beneficial cannabinoids, while the other plant contains practically nothing of the beneficial ingredients THC and CBD.

In order to be able to still profit from the benefits from both the hempseed oil and the weed oil, Stichting Mediwiet (Mediweed Foundation) has come out with a special hempseed oil with a constant value of THC and CBD that has just that little more extra beneficial properties than regular hempseed oil, but at the same time still remains within the legal limit of THC.

HZO+ is a combination of hempseed oil and weed oil

So hempseed oil Plus (HZO+) is a combination of regular hempseed oil and weed oil, with which you not only keep your body in perfect balance, but at the same time profit from all the beneficial ingredients from the hemp plant.

The hempseed oil+ is a convenient supplement when using weed oil as well. Due to the basic content layer of THC and CBD of the hempseed oil plus, you can use less of the weed oil to still get the same effect.

Hempseed oil Plus can be purchased completely legally both online in the Healthshop as in our shop at the Dordtsestraatweg 434 in Rotterdam.

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