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Hemp Perfume

Hemp Perfume – Essential Hemp Flowers Oil

All perfumes, including hemp perfume, are made up of a blend of various nicely smelling terpenes in a solvent like alcohol or a fatty substance.

Because a perfume consists of different notes, the scent will smell differently after when just having been applied as to when already having been on the skin for a period of time.

Perfumes will smell differently with each person

The so-called top notes are the fragrances which are most prevalent in the first minutes after application. After the odorous top notes have dissipated, you will smell the true fragrance of the perfume, which is given off by the heart (or middle) notes.

The scent a perfume gives off can also depend on the type of skin or the skin's acidity, also known as the pH-level. So the scent will be different with everyone. 

Nice fragrance from hemp plants

The scent which perfumed hemp flower oil gives off, is in no way comparable to the strong smelling weed plant.

Instead the subtle aroma of the flowers of the nonpsychoactive hemp plant (Cannabis sativa L.) is given off.

We sell the perfume of two popular hemp strains, which are often used for the extraction of CBD, namely the Finnish Finola and the Futura strain, which among others is utilised in Spain.

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