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Hemp Perfume

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  1. Hemp Flowers Perfume Finola
    Hemp Flowers Perfume Finola
     €12.95 €11.66
  2. Hemp Flowers Perfume Futura
    Hemp Flowers Perfume Futura
     €12.95 €11.66

2 Items

12 24 36

Hemp Perfume - Essential Hemp Flower Oil

All perfumes, including hemp perfume, are made up of a blend of various pleasantly smelling terpenes in a solvent like alcohol or some type of fatty substance. Because a perfume consists of different notes the scent will smell different right after applying it on the skin, to when it has been on there for a while.

A different scent for everyone

The so called top notes are the aromas that are most pervasive in the first few minutes after application. When the odoriferous top notes have evaporated you can smell the true fragrance of the perfume, which is released by the heart notes. The smell a perfume leaves behind can also be dependant on the type of skin or its acidity level, also knowns as pH-value. This means the fragrance will be different for each person.

Pleasant smell from hemp plants

The scent the perfumed hemp blossom oil gives of can in no way be compared with the strong smelling cannabis plant. Instead the subtle aroma of the blossoms of the non-psychoactive hemp plant (Cannabis sativa L.) is given off.

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