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Hemp Bags

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3 Items

12 24 36

Hemp Bags, fashionable and durable!

Fashionable bags made from very strong and durable hemp fibres. These hemp bags are not only great to look at, but are very strong and functional. Hemp textiles are virtually indestructible and last an extra long time!


The very first jeans were made from hemp

So the very first pair of pants of the famous Levi brand, was made from hemp. Miners really fancied the precursor of the modern jeans, making Levi immensely popular almost overnight.


Environmentally friendly textile, as opposed to cotton

With the purchase of hemp bags you are contributing to environmentally friendly surroundings as well since hemp, in contrary to the environmentally taxing cotton, can be grown in an ecologically responsible manner, without making use of pesticides.


Hemp for a healthy environment

Because these days ever more people are appreciating hemp and are concerned about the great damage cotton can do to the environment, hemp products are on their way to taking over an important part in the lives of anyone that wants to contribute to a healthy environment to humans and animals in an ecologically responsible manner.

Hip and modern bags

The hemp bags have become so refined and so fashionable looking, you will be entirely hip and up to date with  a bag made from hemp plants. Hemp products are not called the product of the future for nothing!

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