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24K Gold Rolling Paper

24K Golden Rolling Paper, smoking with style!

Always wanted to smoke a golden joint? Now's your chance! It is now possible to purchase a single 24 karat golden rolling paper at Smokeshop Apollyon. With a 24k golden joint you are guaranteed to steal the show at any party, at Christmas or New Year's eve. There's no better way to herald in the new year with style.


Real golden joint

Real gold is used in the manufacture of the rolling paper so you can create an authenticly golden joint. That should turn some heads! The gold does not give off any taste and the joint will burn nicely slow and even.


Smoking gold unhealthy?

The idea might even sound a bit scary, but nowadays lots of products contain golden nanoparticles and you can even find these particles in toothpaste. Research in mice has shown no health dangers and the gold will mainly be deposited in the ashes, because gold does not melt at the temperatures reached in smoking.

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