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Unbleached Papers

The advantages of unbleached smoking papers

Unbleached rolling papers are preferred by smokers who wish to experience the full aroma and flavour of their tobacco or weed.

This is contrary to old beliefs about white being pure and clean. In the past, most people had the belief that the whiter the paper, the less additives were added. How wrong!

Bleaching agents in rolling paper are bad for the environment

In order to achieve a pure white rolling paper, a lot of chlorine and other bleaching agents need to be used. Nowadays we know that these bleaching agents are really bad for the environment.

Even the production of these agents releases other harmful substances, such as asbestos and mercury.

Apollyon offers a large range of unbleached papers

Thankfully, more manufacturers of rolling papers have become considerate to the environment and are offering more unbleached smoking paper.

At the Apollyon Smoke Shop you can choose from a large product range of unbleached papers from quality brands such as Greengo, Raw, Smoking and OCB. We have papers ranging from small (1 1/4) to long (kingsize) or papers on a roll.

Online ordering is always safe, easy and delivery is fast. 

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