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Bongs - We have them in all sizes, materials and designs

We have Bongs, Percolators, Bubblers, Pre-coolers and Ash Catchers for everyone in our Rotterdam store and online Smoke Shop!

Bongs come in every conceivable shape, size, colour and material. The most commonly used materials are glass and acrylic, but ceramic or bamboo are also available.

It is often a matter of trying out to see which has your preference. At Headshop Apollyon you will at least have plenty of variety to choose from. We have several popular brands in our product range as well. 

What is a bong?

A bong is used for smoking marijuana or hash. This bong originates from the water pipe (or hookah) from the Middle-East. The main difference between  a bong and a regular water pipe is the width of the tube through which the smoke is drawn. With a bong this is extra large so it can contain a lot of smoke. 

How does a bong work?

When the smoker is almost done with inhaling the smoke the fingertip on the carb hole (air hole near the bottom of the tube) is removed so the column of concentrated smoke is inhaled in a single go.

The effect becomes many times stronger through this and for beginners one or two inhalations are often sufficient to remain heavily stoned for quite a while. A bong can be used with or without fluids in the bong.

Seasoned users sometimes fill them with alcoholic liquors, to improve the taste. This might however decrease the effect as THC dissolves in alcohol!

Most people trying this out end up having to cough badly, even people who smoke for years already. This is caused by the smoke lingering in the throat irritating the vocal chords, this can be prevented by turning the bong aside at the very end of an inhalation and clearing the throat of smoke with a short gulp of fresh air.

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