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CBD Terps Oil Indica

  • CBD Terpene Oil Indica, with the terpene profile which is found in Indica weed strains
  • CBD Terps Oil Indica is very suitable for a relaxing and soothing feeling, just like Indica weed
  • Has no psychoactive effect
  • Also suitable for supplementing your own weed oil or weed with, as the original terpenes often are lost
  • This way you make your own Indica weed or weed oil into a full spectrum experience again, with CBD as well!
  • Contains 5% of Indica terpenes and 5% of CBD, both from plants
  • Manufacturer: Cibiday in The Netherlands
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More information about CBD Terps Oil Indica

Active ingredients
Cannabidiol (CBD) + terpenes
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CBD Terps Oil Indica, with 5% Indica terpenes and 5% CBD

CBD Terps Oil Indica 5% has a terpene profile from the Indica weed plant. Indica weed strains are the counterparts to the Sativa weed. This high quality CBD oil is well-liked amongst medicinal marijuana users due to its positive effect on a good night's sleep.

 This oil is very suitable as supplement to your own weed oil or weed extract as well, to compensate for terpenes lost. You can also experiment by taking this Indica terpene profile with different weed strains or weed extracts. While all the time taking CBD as well!

With the advantages of  Indica, but without a stoned feeling

CBD Terps Oil Indica 5%, just like Indica weed, provides a good night's rest and a relaxed feeling. This CBD-oil has been composed in such a way that the user does not experience any high or stoned sensation when using it. This is due to the fact the terpene profile does not contain any percentage of THC. Thus this oil is characterized by having all effects of Indica weed, but without a psychoactive effect.

General details CBD Terps Oil Indica

  • Content: 10 ml
  • Total CBD-percentage: 5%
  • Total added percentage terpenes of Indica-profile: 5%
  • Total percentage of active ingredients: > 10%
  • Packaging: dropper bottle made of violet glass
  • Suitable for: supplementing your own full spectrum-experience, or the typical relaxing Indica-effects without the stoned feeling
  • Psychoactive effect: no
  • CBD-extract: derived from certified hemp
  • Additives: 100% natural, organic terpene isolates
  • Use in pregnancy: under supervision of a physician
  • Not suitable for: cats, ferrets, birds etc.
  • Use in other animals: always under supervision of a veterinarian


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