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Inexpensive CBD Oil 10%

100% of 100
  • CBD oil from the inexpensive Silver Line by Cibiday
  • Medium high percentage for the little bit more advanced user
  • Reliable product
  • CBD-percentage: 10%
  • Content: 10 ml
  • Product line: Silver Line
  • Suspended in hemp seed oil
  • Manufacturer: Cibiday BV in The Netherlands
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Affordable CBD Oil - Cibiday Silver Line 10%

The Affordable CBD Oil with 10% Cannabidiol is from the Silver Line product range from Cibiday. This glass bottle, which has a content of 10 ml, consists of 10% cannabidiol together with hempseed oil in which a multitude of healthy ingredients is present.

Low expenses with long-term usage

The very inexpensive Silver Line was deliberately developed in order to meet the large demand for CBD oil, but with a favourable price-quality ratio. For many people the purchase or the long-term usage of the ever more popular CBD oil can become too much of an expenditure. They would like to benefit from the remarkable and unique properties of oil made from hemp, but often the disposable income is not sufficient enough.

Not expensive, so available to more people

Because the Silver Line oil is not expensive, more people can make use of it and especially also people who are in need of having to use CBD oil for a longer period of time. Just as with all other products from Cibiday, this Cibiday Silver Line Affordable CBD Oil is also made from hemp grown in Europe, which can be legally cultivated due to its non-psychoactivity.

No hindrance due to having no psychoactive effect

This guarantees the extracted oil can not cause any psychoactive effect which means everyday activity will not be hindered in any way, So you can spend the day as you do normally and you can also safely participate in traffic.

Lots more favourably priced and pleasant-tasting

Next to the Silver Line oil being a good deal cheaper than the other oils in our health shop assortment, on top of that the taste is a lot more pleasant. The characteristic taste of cannabidiol has been a roadblock for many people causing them to prematurely end a long-term course. This can now be prevented with this extra mild tasting CBD oil with a percentage of no less than 10%.

Full spectrum plant extract with beneficial plant components

Because the cannabidiol-rich extract is made from the buds of hemp plants it does not only contain CBD, but also other beneficial ingredients which belong to the group of cannabinoids. Furthermore it holds important terpenes and flavonoids as well, about which ever more studies are being performed. The plant components in question are not only valuable for the plants themselves, but can be of benefit to humans as well.

Proper way to use Cibiday Affordable CBD Oil

The use of CBD oil is very simple and, because it is supplied in glass bottles with a convenient pipette, it can be carried anywhere and ingested everywhere.

Do take care to shake the bottle well before each use, as the active ingredients have a tendency to settle on the bottom. The shaking of the bottle ensures everything is mixed well, thereby increasing the effectiveness.

Unscrew the cap after shaking and lightly squeeze the rubber bulb. The squeezing causes the pipette to be filled with oil. By gently squeezing again, after the pipette has been filled, the drops will fall out one by one.

It is best to dose the drops under the tongue, as they will then be absorbed very quickly by the oral mucosa. Don't forget to hold it in the mouth for about a minute before swallowing the residu. Alternatively you can opt for dripping the CBD oil over foods or in drinks. Due to the drops travelling through the stomach first it will take a bit longer before it is assimilated into the body and deposited in the blood stream. The effectiveness will remain virtually the same.

Also ideal for on the road

Because the oil from Cibiday is supplied in brown, darkened glass bottles, it can be taken along without problems in order to be able to take a dose while travelling. The glass provides better isolation against heat related reactions than plastic bottles and the dark colour of the glass makes sure the active ingredients present are not quickly broken down. 

The correct dosage of CBD oil

To determine what the correct dosage is, you will have to try out which amount gives the best feeling. Alas there is no exact dosage to be given which holds for everybody. Every person is different and responds differently to CBD oil as well. The best thing is to start off with a few drops and increase this to a larger dose if desired. You can take a dose several times a day.

Storage advice

In between taking drops the bottle of CBD oil can best be stored in a cool and dark place, in order to best preserve the effectiveness.

General information

  • Cibiday Silver Line
  • Favourably priced
  • Made from hemp (EU-certified)
  • Mild in taste
  • 100% Natural
  • Without additives
  • Most inexpensive oil compared to other oils containing 10% of CBD

Information on the label

  • 10% CBD
  • Content: 10 ml
  • 200 drops, 5 mg of CBD per drop
  • Ingredients: hemp seed oil, 10% CBD (cannabidiol) from CBD paste
  • Recommended daily dose: 3 times 1-10 drops (150 mg CBD) sublingually
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
  • Shake well before use
  • Food supplement
  • Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet
  • Store at room temperature, in a dark spot and out of reach of small children
  • Do not use during pregnancy of when breastfeeding
  • Always consult with a physician if you are using any medication
  • Manufacturer: Cibiday BV Dordtsestraatweg 434 C, 3075 BK Rotterdam

More information

Content of active ingredients
Dissolved in
Hempseed oil
Active ingredients
Cannabidiol (CBD)
Brand name of product

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  1. prima kwaliteit voor een lage prijs
    Ik gebruik al jaren CBD olie en deze zilverline 10% doet het prima! Ik neem een paar keer per dag 3 a 4 druppels in samenwerking met gezond eten tegen [. . .] en heb ook al jaren geen [. . .] meer gehad!

    Edit [. . .] medische- en gezondheidsclaims verwijderd.

    Reactie Apollyon:
    Hartelijk dank voor uw recensie, wij zijn blij te horen dat u tevreden bent over dit product!
    Helaas moeten wij op last van boetes alle gezondheids- en medische claims op onze website verwijderen, ook van onze tevreden klanten.

    Review by

    Posted on

  2. regelmaat is belangrijk
    zonder meer prima product.

    Review by

    Posted on

  3. zeer goede olie
    goed resultaat een echte aanrader.

    Review by

    Posted on

  4. Incredible results for [. . .] from [. . .]
    I purchased this oil for my mother who is 77 and suffers every day from [. . .] in her neck. She administered three drops under her tongue three times a day and on day two she was [. . .] and even began gardening without any [. . .] and also slept throughout the night, [. . .]-free. Fantastic product!!

    [. . .] edit: medical claims removed

    Reaction from Apollyon: thank you for your kind review. We are happy to hear about the positive results this CBD oil has had for your mother!

    Unfortunately, we had to remove the medical claims first, because we will receive a heavy penalty if we publish them.

    Review by

    Posted on

  5. Uitzonderlijk goed en [. . .]
    Na een lange internet zoektocht heb ik dit product ong. een jaar geleden gevonden en beginnen gebruiken. Als COPD-patient (sinds 45 jaren) heb ik vooral in de koude maanden en ook bij wisselende temperaturen enorm veel slijmopstoten. Met een resterend long-volume van 30% daalt mijn dagelijkse energie-reserve tot 0 en lig ik soms weken in bed. Mijn vrouw (en ikzelf) kunnen 's nachts dan geen normale slaap vinden en staan 's morgens al uitgeput op.

    Mijn artsen [. . . ] Ik neem dus sinds 1 jaar dagelijks 3 x 5 druppels op een koffielepel, draai hem in mijn mond om, zodanig dat de druppels onder de tong terechtkomen. Dat maakt het verschil: het blijft daar tot het in het bloed opgenomen is (dus niet onmiddellijk drinken!). Vermeng die druppels dus niet met voeding of drank, zoals soms aangegeven wordt. Ik vind het trouwens ongelooflijk achterlijk dat de Belgische regering dit product nog steeds niet toelaat! Ik ben dus zeer tevreden over het product en vooral over de uitstekende service van Apollyon.
    Ik bestel dit product soms ook voor een paar vrienden met héél andere problemen [. . . ]. Spijtig dat men bij Apollyon niet met PayPal kan betalen, nog eens een gevolg van het trieste Belgische beleid. Ik raad het aan iedereen met gezond verstand aan! Heeft mij terug een bijna normaal leven gegeven. Dank u Wim!

    [. . . ] edit: medische- en gezondheidsclaims verwijderd

    Reactie Apollyon: hartelijk dank voor uw beoordeling. Wij hebben helaas de medische- en gezondheidsclaims moeten verwijderen, omdat wij daar anders een boete voor krijgen.
    Wij zijn blij dat u tevreden over de CBD olie bent!

    Review by

    Posted on

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