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Valerian Capsules

  • Are you troubled with nervousness, stress and anxiety from insomnia and want to counteract this by natural means?
  • Try the valerian capsules from Three Oak Herbs
  • Valerian can lead to drowsiness the first 2 hours after ingestion, so do not actively take part in traffic
  • These capsules are a completely natural product
  • Contents: 30 capsules
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Valerian Capsules

Do you require rest and calmness, for instance from stress and anxiety with insomnia? Do you want to achieve that by natural means? Then the capsules from Three Oak Herbs can be a solution!

Valerian is a herb that acts soothingly. It is often used with nervousness, stress and anxiety from insomnia. The effect lasts for about 4 hours and kicks in after about half an hour. You can use valerian for as long as you feel the need for it. If you however do not notice any improvement after 1 or 2 weeks of usage, it is best to stop taking valerian and consult with your general practitioner.

Contents: 30 capsules

Safe usage of valerian

It can make you drowsy the first 2 hours after ingestion. This is why you should not actively participate in traffic, so do not operate a car, moped or bicycle.

Possible side effects can be: gastrointestinal complaints, like nausea and a stomachache. These will disappear after the taking of valerian has been stopped.

When using herbs as supplements if you are on any medications, it is advisable to always first consult with your physician if these herbs can be combined with the medications you are taking.

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