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Kratom Bali Extract 15x

  • Very potent standardized Kratom extract, for advanced kratom users
  • Kratom Bali is known for the soothing, calming effects with a dash of euphoria
  • For your personal special relaxing moments
  • No preparation required and easy to ingest
  • Always use kratom in safe surroundings
  • Do not use kratom too frequently, at most a few times a month
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Kratom Bali Extract 15x

This is an extract from Kratom Bali leaves. Amongst users the Bali is mainly known for the soothing and calming effects, with some touches of euphoria. Kratom extracts are more concentrated and potent than dried leaves and suitable for experienced users.

Extracts of kratom are made by boiling down shredded, dried leaves or leaves in powdered form in water over longer periods of time, until a thick paste remains. The number 15 means that boiling down is continued until fifteen times less weight is left than at the start of cooking. In other words: 15 grams of dried leaves are reduced to 1 gram of paste.

This however does not mean the effects will be 15 times stronger as well. It does mean you only need to take a lot less extract than you would dried leaves. How much? Read more on that below.

Safely dosing and handling kratom extracts

Kratom extracts are dosed a lot lower than dried or powdered leaves. As a general guideline it applies that with extracts you take one tenth of the weight you are used to taking with dried kratom leaves.

So if 2 grams of dried leaves normally already provide an effect for you, you would dose 0.2 grams of kratom extract. Because of that extracts are only suitable for experienced users which know their  dose and also are familiar with the effects of kratom.

Furthermore always use kratom in safe conditions, in other words not in traffic or in combination with other substances like alcohol, cannabis or drugs. Also do not use kratom too frequently, no more than a few times a month. Although it is not very addictive, you do want to avoid habituation.

Shipping restrictions

Always make sure the product you ordered is legal in the country in which you live or reside. We unfortunately can not ship this product to Australia, Finland, Norway and Thailand.

More information

Frequently mentioned effects
Energetic, euphoric in low doses
Suitable for
Experienced users
Active ingredients
Mitragynine and many others

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