Magic Truffle Grinder

Magic Truffle Grinder

Magic Truffle Grinder ~ Now you can enjoy truffles or mushrooms without the accompanying bad taste! Easy and fast to use. For faster absortion and does not stimulate adrenaline and thus more effective!

The truffle grinder comes without truffles! Different colors availble. Select your desired color in the options!


Magic Truffle Grinder ~ Anyone who has ever consumed mushrooms or truffles, probably knows that mushrooms and truffles really can't be called a delicacy. Most people find the taste downright nasty and have problems to chew and swallow the psychedelic stuff.


Adrenaline makes shrooms less effective

When consuming mushrooms or truffles your body has a natural reaction to retch or vomit because of the bad taste. As a result your body stimulates the production of adrenaline. Adrenaline is a hormone that makes you alert and attentive and ensures that your body is going to fight back against all kinds of undesirable reactions. This operation will decrease psilocin and so your truffles will be less effective.

Bad taste of truffles is history

To experience the trip as good as possible, it is advisable to grind your truffles or mushrooms to pulp so you don't have to chew on them. After grinding you can directly swallow the truffles or you can mix it in a drink. A big problem will be solved with this magic truffle grinder.

Rapid psychedelic effect

Grinding of shrooms has more benefits to offer. Because the shrooms are grinded down in small bits and pieces it will be more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, resulting in a faster operation. The truffle grinder also devides the truffle paste in two portions so you can easily share the other half with a friend or save it for later.

How does the Magic Truffle Grinder work?

The truffle grinder works the same as the ordinary herb grinders. Open the two halves and place some truffles inside. Connect both parts and push them together followed by twisting both halves in opposite direction. Continue to twist  until the truffles are grounded down to a paste like pulp. The crushed magic substance is ready for immediate consumption.

Additional info

  • No nasty taste
  • No retching or vomiting
  • Perfect way for intake
  • Faster absorption into the bloodstream
  • More effective because less adrenaline
  • Easy divide shrooms into portions
  • Easy to clean


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