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Magic Truffle Grinder

  • Now you can enjoy truffles or shrooms without the associated nasty taste!
  • Simple and quick to use
  • Provides a faster effect, does not stimulate the production of adrenalin from gagging and is therefore more effective!
  • The truffle grinder is supplied without truffles!
  • Available in various colours
  • Select the desired colour in the options!
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Magic Truffle Grinder

Everybody that has at one time consumed shrooms or truffles likely knows they can hardly be called a delicacy. Most people find the taste plain nasty and have trouble chewing and swallowing the psychedelic substance.

Adrenalin renders shrooms less effective

Because your body's natural reaction to this is to gag or throw up, the production of adrenalin will be stimulated. Adrenalin is a hormone which makes you alert and attentive and which your body uses to fight back at all kinds of unwanted effects. This will reduce the effect of the psilocin which makes the truffles less efficacious.

The nasty taste of truffels becomes a thing of the past due to the magic truffle grinder

In order to experience the trip as optimally as possible, it is therefore advisable to finely grind the shrooms, which makes chewing unnecessary, so you can instead directly swallow the ground paste or mix it in with a drink. Thereby overcoming a major obstacle with this magical truffle grinder.

Psychedelic effect will come on faster

But the grinding of the shrooms has even more advantages to offer. Due to the portion having become very fine, it will be taken up into the circulatory system faster, resulting in a quicker action. Furthermore the truffle grinder ensures the portion is divided into two, making it easier to share the other half with someone else or save it for another time.

How does the Magic Truffle Grinder work

The truffle grinder operates the same as the usual herb grinders. Open both parts and fill them with a few truffles. Close both parts, press them together well and make opposite turning movements until you get a mixture with a consistency of peanut butter. The ground magical substance is immediately ready for consumption.

Extra information

  • No nasty taste
  • No nauseous feeling or vomiting
  • Pleasant form of ingestion
  • Quicker absorption into the circulatory system
  • More effective due to less adrenalin
  • Divides the shrooms in two portions
  • Easy to clean

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