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Mediwietolie Book Healing Hemp

Medical Cannabis Oil Book Healing Hemp (NL) ~ The new edition of the book Medical Cannabis Oil by Wernard Bruining that contains extensive information on medical cannabis and its healing effects, with new, additional stories of user experiences.


In the book, you can read about the effect of healing hemp on a large number of complaints and illnesses in the medical field.


There is also a unique story about our dog, who has since become famous, because the use of medicinal oil kept her epilepsy under control so well that she was able to go on living a carefree life again.

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Medical Cannabis Oil Book Healing Hemp (NL) ~ After the incredible success of the first book by Wernard Bruining about medical cannabis oil folk medicine, there is now a new edition with even more interviews and extensive information on hemp, marijuana, and medicinal cannabis oil.


The perfect folk medicine

This brand-new book that is a new edition of the first book "Cannabis oil: the perfect folk medicine", features full-colour images and contains new information about CBD and using this healing oil for help with cancer.


Healing hemp oil

The book consists of two parts, just like the first edition. The interview portion, which is 221 pages, contains stories about the positive results after using healing hemp oil (weed and CBD oil) in people with illnesses such as arthritis, PPD-NOS, pain during menstruation (PMS), gastroparesis (nausea), OCPS, schizophrenia, trauma, Lyme disease, and mononucleosis.


Hemp oil for chronic pain

However, the effects of healing hemp are also helpful for patients with chronic pain, such as with whiplash, Dercum's disease, scoliosis, Klinefelter syndrome, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. There is further information on cannabis as an aphrodisiac, where libido issues are discussed.


Healing effects for cancer

In the second part, which is 99 pages, you can read about how the completely unjustified prohibition of cannabis came to be. There is also an extensive chapter explaining the healing effects of cannabis oil on cancer. The book also shows how you can make your own medicinal oil in a quick, simple, and affordable way.


Epilepsy in dogs

The informative book Healing Hemp also addresses epilepsy in dogs and shows how the healing effects of cannabis had a positive impact on a tiny chihuahua. In the colour-photo story of our now-famous dog, you can read about how she went up against epilepsy with extremely positive results!


The littlest patient

In addition to this moving story about Wernard Bruining's littlest patient and the apple of our eye at Apollyon, the book is full of unique stories from people young and old who, with the aid of this 100% natural green medicine, can now live a worthwhile life where pain no longer takes centre stage.


Healing Hemp book information

  • Author: Wernard Bruining
  • Title: Helende Hennep (Healing Hemp)
  • Language: Dutch
  • Number of pages: 221 and 99 pages
  • Year of publication: 2014
  • Edition: 1st edition
  • Published by: Uitgeverij Beaupain
  • ISBN: 978-90-77116-00-5


More information about medicinal cannabis

Via the links below, you can read interesting information about the medicinal side of cannabis. You can also find step-by-step instructions about how you can easily make your own green medicinal oil. Not to mention that you can purchase a huge number of health products for making your body better and fitter.


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