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CBD Candy

CBD Candy - Artisan Confectionery with healthy Cannabidiol

CBD candies with added hemp extract containing the healthy cannabidiol. CBD is a component of cannabis gaining ever more recognition due to the properties it possesses. 


CBD candies for young and old

Because the CBD-rich extract is derived from legal hemp plants (Cannabis sativa L.), it is free from psychoactive effects making it possible for the tasty candies to be partaken by everyone. So children are able to enjoy all the tasty CBD candy on offer as well, without having to worry about the children becoming high or stoned from it.

Handmade treats with surprising flavours

The CBD-containing confectionery is produced in a completely artisan way and is available in various nice flavours, like licorice, peppermint or lavender. The strong flavours of the handmade treats also ensure the bitter taste of the CBD extract is hardly noticable.

Eating sweets wisely

Due to CBD candies being rather tasty snacks, you could easily eat too many of them without much notice. Given they are sugar works, it is important to eat sweets sensibly. Sugar can be bad for your health which is why we advise to eat sweets in moderation.

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