CBD Candy Pillows Lavender

CBD Candy Pillows Lavender - CBD containing candies from Cibiday with the surprising flavour of lavender.


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More information about CBD Candy Pillows Lavender

Active ingredients
Cannabidiol (CBD)
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CBD Candy Pillows Lavender - Unique Lavender Candies with CBD ~ CBD Candy Pillows from Cibiday with the characteristic flavour of lavender. Lavender, known for the wonderfully aromatic scent spread by its violet-coloured blossoms, is being appreciated more and more for the powerful flavour it commands.


CBD candy with characteristic lavender flavour

You can find all kinds of foods with this characteristic lavender flavour, especially in Provence in France. Since the flavour of lavender is rather strong, it also serves well to counteract the bitter flavour of the cannabidiol-containing hemp extract in the CBD candies.


Unique candy with cannabidiol

The unique lavender-coloured and -flavoured candy is made entirely by hand and is formed into pillows that are decorated with cheerful stripes. A healthy hemp extract, which contains a significant amount of the valuable ingredient CBD, is added to the candy mixture.


A treat without the bitter taste of CBD oil

Since the extract used is from hemp plants, it does not contain any psychoactive ingredients that can cause a high or stoned feeling. That makes this treat perfectly suited for children who would otherwise have issues with the bitter taste of CBD oil if they had to take it every day.


Cannabidiol wrapped up in a tasty, cheerful-looking sweet

When packaged in a delicious, cheerful-looking candy, kids can also benefit from the cannabidiol in hemp in a way that is simple and tasty. Due to the sugars present in the CBD-containing candy, it is important to enjoy them in moderation.


General information on Cibiday CBD lavender candy

  • Manufacturer: Cibiday
  • Content of a candy jar: 20 grams
  • CBD percentage per candy: +/- 6 mg
  • With cannabidiol from legal hemp (cannabis sativa L.)
  • Flavour: Lavender
  • No psychoactive effect
  • Contains sugars



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