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CBD Suppositories Endoca

  • Cannabidiol-rich suppositories for rectal- and vaginal usage
  • CBD intake for whom oral ingestion of oil or paste is not possible
  • High rate of absorption (bio availability)
  • Contents: 10 suppositories
  • CBD content: 50 mg per suppository
  • Organically and GMP-certified
  • Manufactured under pharmaceutical supervision
  • Producer: Endoca in Denmark
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More information about CBD Suppositories Endoca

Brand name of product
Active ingredients
Cannabidiol (CBD)


CBD Suppositories - Vaginal and rectal use - Endoca

The rectal or vaginal application of cannabidiol-rich cannabis has many advantages compared to other forms of application. It can for instance be advantageous when oral administration is not possible due to the side effects of surgery or when severely vomiting. It is also of benefit to people for whom ingestion or inhalation of CBD is not feasible or hindered.

Suppositories or vaginal ovules can also offer a solution with throat- or oral afflictions and gastrointestinal problems. Another major advantage is that higher concentrations of cannabidiol and other valuable cannabinoids will make it into the circulatory system. Also the effect will set in faster than with oral consumption in which the active ingredients will reach the stomach first.


Effect of suppositories

A noticable effect of the CBD suppositories of Endoca will occur approximately 10 minutes after insertion and will last for about 4 to 8 hours, depending on physiology and cannabis tolerance of the individual. Diarrhea, stool, tumors or cystes on the rectal wall however can delay the effect. Rectal dryness can diminish the effect of the suppositories.


Instructions for use

Store the suppositories in the fridge before usage. Maintain good hygiene and wash your hands before and after insertion. To take the suppository out of the packaging, tear the plastic blister at the v-shaped notch. Coat the suppository with a thin layer of water before application.

A broken suppository can be placed back into the packaging. Put the packaging in a sealable, watertight bag after which you can heat it in warm water until the content has melted. Then place it in the fridge to reshape the content into the correct shape.

Rectal insertion :

Insert the suppositor so it ends up just past the sphincter. After insertion wait for about 15 to 20 minutes with going for a bathroom break.

Vaginal insertion :

Insert the suppository, also called vaginal ovule, high up in the vagina. Insertion is made easier in a prone position.


Storage advice

Endoca CBD suppositories are best kept in the fridge (2°C – 8°C or 36°F –  46°F).


  • Pure, organic extract of Cannabis sativa
  • Coconut oil


Information on the label

  • Keep in the fridge at 2°C - 8°C (or 36°F –  46°F)
  • Maintain good hygiene and wash your hands before and after insertion
  • Take the suppository out of the packaging, by tearing the plastic blister at the v-shaped notch.
  • Coat the suppository with a thin layer of water before application
  • Contains only organic hemp oil and coconut oil, with bioflavenoids, cofactors and terpenes from hemp
  • Total content packet: 500 mg CBD
  • Contains 10 suppositories with 50 mg CBD per suppository
  • Manufacturer : Endoca


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