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CBD-rich Monoecious Hemp

CBD-rich Monoecious Hemp ~ Superieur quality 100% bio Trompetol hemp with high concentration of cannabidiol. Made in Czech Republic, Europe. Certified organic farming agriculture.


Content: 40 grams

AQ: Monoecious varieties (male and female flowers on both the same plant)



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More information about CBD-rich Monoecious Hemp

Active ingredients
Cannabidiol (CBD)
Brand name of product



CBD-rich Monoecious Hemp ~ Bio hemp herb, consisting of inflorescences, seeds and hemp leaves harvested by hand in the field, naturally dried, selected and processed by hand. Containing a cannabinoid complex including anti-inflammatory active CBD and dozens of others. Product is free of psychotropic effects.


High concentration vitagens and antioxidants 

Trompetol hemp contains cannabinoids, resins, fats, fatty acids, protein, choline, essential oils and many other healthy ingredients. It also contains a high concentration of antioxidants and vitagens. Vitagens are substances that are in a much greater degree of importance to our body than vitamins because they are an essential part of the cell membrane and they improve flexibility of blood vessels.


Applications Trompetol hemp 

Suitable for the preparation of tinctures, concoctions, compresses, baths, inhalation cures and in food and drink. Highly recommended as a healthy ingredient in meals.

Recommended dosage

Up to 4 gram per day unless specified otherwise. 



  • 40 Grams hemp



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