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Volcan Fire Torch

Volcan Fire Torch



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Volcan Fire Torch ~ Stormsafe lighter with blue gas flame (Jet Flame). This lighter works like a small bunsen-burner and has a much higher blaze-efficiency than a usual lighter. However it does not get too hot in the holding area and can be used for a long time without a problem.


Perfect for dabbing or for a hobby-workshop, outdoor, door-lock defrosting? and more. Refillable with high-quality jetflame lighter gas. With stand and parental controls. 

Due to the danger of explosion the lighter are not or only partly filled!Lighters are sold only in Europe!
Product details
  • Colour: black/blue
  • Height: 110mm
  • Diameter: Ø 27mm
  • Flame power: 1300°C / 2370°F
  • refillable



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